Teamwork, interprofessional and interdisciplinary collaboration, and passion for scientific discovery fuel the spirit of the Ho Lab on Biomechanics and Biomineralization.

The lab “maps” the mechanics of mineral formations in unwanted regions of a human body. These maps illustrate locations of various “key” ions and molecules from cells that could promote a cascade of reactions resulting in compounds and unwanted biominerals. Biominerals from various tissues including blood vessels, ligaments, kidney and cartilage are routinely prepared for imaging and are visualized using various microscopy and spectroscopy in situ techniques. Biomolecular and physicochemical maps of these biominerals are subsequently correlated with patient or animal data to gather insights into biomechanical and mechanobiological pathways that would result in the clinically observed irreversible pathologies.

Members of the Ho lab of Biomechanics and Biomineralization work side-by-side with clinicians, fellows, graduate students, and undergraduates between both the schools of medicine and dentistry. Extensions of the Ho Lab investigations are facilitated by successfully reviewed user proposals to the Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, National Accelerator Laboratory.