New Opportunities: To predoc students and those aspiring to go into Dental/Medical and Graduate Schools

To aspiring Graduate, Dental, and Medical Students,


The Ho Lab at UCSF ( is looking for highly-motivated, dedicated, and enthusiastic undergraduate researchers to join our team. Our lab constitutes an interdisciplinary team of scientists and researchers, and an interprofessional team of clinicians focused on solving problems related to biomechanics and biomineralization. The lab is open to all currently enrolled undergraduates who demonstrate a passion for learning and research.

Biomechanics: is the study of form and function of biological systems at multiple length scales including organs, millimeter thick tissues, and micrometer cells. Examples include the tooth inside an alveolar socket forming the dentoalveolar joint, and the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

Biominerals: include mineral deposits in unwanted locations of the human body. Examples include dental calculus and salivary stones in the mouth, stones in the kidney and the prostate, calcification of the ligaments, cartilage and blood vessels.


Some of our current projects include: 

- Use of synchrotron radiation to study metals and related chemistry, with the goal of understanding pathobiology

- Investigating the complex interplay between structures and related biomechanics of synovial joints in humans and preclinical animal models as well as pathobiomechanics in response to external forces.

Application Instructions:
Applicants should submit their resume and a cover letter to [email protected] (please CC: [email protected] and Bra[email protected]). In the cover letter, please explain why you are interested in joining our team, an interesting quirk about you, your availability, and what you can contribute to our team environment.